Selling Services

Your home is worth the amount that someone else is willing to pay for it, which relates to a basic economic principle, the law of supply and demand. Our strategic marketing plan and services allow you to obtain a premium price without inconveniences to you. We have a multi-faceted marketing strategy that will provide you with excellent exposure to potential pre-qualified buyers.

The following steps are integral to the process.

  1. We will prepare a comprehensive comparable market analysis for you to establish fair market value for your property.
  2. Sometimes contracts make people feel uneasy. We will fully explain the listing agreement, agency disclosure, and other related forms that are required to list your property.
  3. We will make simple recommendations to enhance the attractiveness of your home.
  4. We will provide regular progress reports on a regular basis and discuss with you, comments we have received about your property.
  5. We will pre-qualify whenever possible all prospective buyers.
  6. We will advertise your home as required to achieve maximum market exposure. Property will be advertised on the MLS (Multiple Listings Service) website to gain max exposure, also advertised on all CENTURY and Point 2 Syndication websites.
  7. When an offer is written we will assist with the negotiations and provide an estimate of your net sales proceeds prior to you accepting an offer.
  8. Upon accepting an offer we will assist in all activities throughout the closing process as permitted by law.