Why Hire the Saskatoon Home Team When Buying a House?

Hiring a REALTOR® who is compatible with your needs is one of the most important steps when buying a home. The Saskatoon Home Team specializes in serving customers in the Saskatoon area for residential purposes, in all price ranges. We are both very adept in all facets of real estate, and there is absolutely always one of us available in the city, which is a definite advantage to hiring a team as opposed to an individual REALTOR®.

With plenty of education, life skills and direct real estate experience we believe we can meet and exceed your expectations and forge a partnership that can be very successful for both parties for a long time. Our Team offers our full marketing exposure package, open houses, and professional services.  As two 31-year-olds, we feel this could possibly be the beginning of a 30 year partnership. With a combined 11 years of real estate experience we feel we offer a nice blend of experience and ambition. Our Team is extremely organized and passionate about Real Estate, and offer the highest level of services to our clients. By choosing The Saskatoon Home Team you will be in great hands and as we know you have  other projects, not have to worry about anything on the selling side.

In 2009 our Team won the Yearly Outstanding Achievement Award based on yearly transactions, by surpassing 50 transactions on the year.  In 2010-2013 we almost achieved our goal of becoming Centurion producers and received a Masters Award for team production.  In 2014 our team is poised for a CENTURION® award. 

We pride ourselves on great service, and our business model is based on a repeat business and referral ideology. A good relationship and happy customer is more important than a quick sale and commission.