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In Saskatoon, the best month to sell your house really depends on the competition you have in your niche market at any given time. Traditionally, most potential sellers that may be looking to list their home will want to have it ready for spring or summer, when the market is most active. With more home buyers buying, the more likely a seller will be to sell their house quickly. However, this is also when most homes are listed, so there's also more competition between properties, which could lead to more days on the market.

Competition isn’t typically as strong during the fall or winter, so if you want to be sure your property will be seen, those may be the best months to sell a home. Spring, however is still an excellent season for selling your…

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One of the most commonly asked questions in real estate is, “How do real estate agents get paid?” Many potential buyers and sellers are apprehensive about using a REALTOR® because they are unsure of hidden costs that may arise during a real estate transaction. This ambiguity can leave a potential client wary and apprehensive about employing a REALTOR®. In all reality, though, what they’re missing out on is having someone on their side who will most likely give them educated advice, help them save money, and point out potential pitfalls in the buying/selling process. 

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make Per Sale?

Every real estate agent is paid on a commission basis and does not traditionally get paid for showings, appraisals, or any rendered…

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